Fmr. NRA Pres. Says Obama Making it Harder for ‘Honest Citizens’ to Carry Guns

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Fmr. NRA president on executive action on guns

Former NRA President David Keene weighs in on President Obama's new gun laws.

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Ashley Webster former NRA president David Keene argued that President Obama’s executive action on guns hurts individuals that want to comply with gun laws.

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“In the past we’ve looked at these laws, these restrictions, these regulations and they don’t do very much, if anything, about what the president describes as gun violence which would be mass killings and gun crime and suicide,” he said

Keene argued that the new gun laws make it more difficult for “honest citizens” to bear arms.

 “It’s as if the president is more interested in symbolism and in harassing people just because they own and use firearms than he is in solving the real problems,” he said.

“We know how to deal with gun crime, we’ve done it in the past as a country,” he said.  “You punish people who illegally use firearms to commit crimes. That’s worked in those jurisdictions where it’s done -- it has a great impact.”

He also discussed the action targeting gun show loopholes requiring gun dealers to have a federal firearms license and perform a background check any individual who purchases a gun from them.

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“It’s not a loophole… He wants to extend background checks to more and more people and to do that he’s redefined dealing… When the original Gun Control Act of 68 was passed, there was no definition of dealing --and as a result there was tremendous abuses as federal agents went after and trapped collectors and hobbyist and people that were selling one or two guns.”

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