Talks to Trump Campaign on GOP Debate, Ted Cruz Birther & SC Primary

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Trump camp details plan to win's Elizabeth Chmurak caught up with Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson on the campaign trail.

The countdown is on to the FOX Business Republican primary debate in Charleston, South Carolina.

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This is the first GOP presidential debate of 2016, where contenders will be duking it out in one of the early primary states.

Before the Republican candidates hit the debate stage on Thursday night,’s Elizabeth Chmurak caught up with Katrina Pierson, national spokesperson for Donald Trump’s campaign, backstage in the Google media filing center. Pierson said Mr. Trump is ready to bring his agenda to the podium.

“I think he is going to reinforce what he wants to do to make America great again. Whether it's immigration, building a wall, taking back trade when we see what is happening overseas with China and their devaluing -- all the things Mr. Trump has been saying since day one. I think you are going to see a lot more of that,” said Pierson.

In recent weeks, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been under the media microscope with questions surrounding his American citizenship. Cruz’s “birther" speculation began after a Washington Post reporter asked Trump, the GOP front runner, about the issue. He suggested the matter should be looked into.

Pierson says that is when the back and forth between Trump and the freshman senator all started, but adds Trump has no plans to discuss the issue on the main stage.

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“I don’t think Mr. Trump will bring it up. I think someone will bring it up of course, but again we are only talking about this issue because Senator Cruz went after Mr. Trump,” said Pierson.

She added, “Mr. Trump was asked a question by a reporter because a Democrat threatened to file a lawsuit, he answered the question. Unfortunately Mr. Cruz responded to a media report saying that Donald Trump brought it up, and then of course he went after Donald Trump on Twitter, and that is why we are talking about this today -- because Donald Trump has always maintained if you come after me, I am going to attack.”

Trump is holding strong with South Carolina voters. In a December Fox News Poll, 35% of Republican primary voters in the Palmetto state say they support the GOP front runner. Pierson says Mr. Trump is grateful for the “ground support” and wants to represent the sentiment of voters.

“He [Donald Trump] is wanting to accomplish this vast movement to really show the establishment on both sides of the aisles that people are fed up and they want representation and they want things to be done right,” said Pierson. “Most people in the country know the intrinsic problem in the American political system and Donald Trump will fix it.

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