Rick Perry: Need to Get the Economy Right

Gov. Perry: Experience is important in 2016 run

Former Governor Rick Perry, (R-Texas), breaks down what it will take to win the presidency in 2016.

Two days ahead of what could be a formal announcement of a presidential bid, former Texas Governor Rick Perry spoke to FBN’s Neil Cavuto at an economic summit in Orlando, Florida.

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Cavuto asked Perry what would be top priority on the agenda if he decides to make a run for the White House.

“If you don’t get the economy right, none of these other things really matter that much,” said Perry. “You’re not going to have the dollars to have a strong military. You’re not going to have the dollars to have the ability to pay down this immoral debt.”

Perry also stated the 2016 election “will be a show me, don’t tell me election.”

When asked if he would be aggressive with foreign policy or if he would urge boots on the ground, Perry said: “My experiences have painted my world view. I know what the cost of war is. I’ve seen the toil of that on the face of our warriors… on the other side of that, we need to send a powerful message that when America is strong, the world is safer. When we draw a red line in the ground and you cross it, you will pay a price.”

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