Infomercials are a staple of late-night TV that tempt us to pick up the phone and order before inventory runs out. But do the products actually deliver?

Here’s what Rachel Rothman, technical and engineering director at the GoodHouseekping’s Research Institute, told FBN's Gerri Willis about the products:

  • 1Bacon Bowl ($10 for two sets)

    Pitch: An easy way to make edible bowls from (you guessed it) bacon
    Rothman’s Take: It works and is user and palate friendly

  • 2Vidalia Chop Wizard ($20, plus shipping and handling)

    Pitch: Chops or dices vegetables, fruits and more in one swift motion
    Rothman’s Take: The tool is worth purchasing—especially for those without the best knife skills

  • 3Snuggie ($20, plus shipping and handling)

    Pitch: Stay warm--but keep your hands free--with this blanket with sleeves
    Rothman’s Take: The sleeves are too long, a good blanket is a better option

  • 4Shake Weight ($10 plus shipping and handling)

    Pitch: Using this product for six minutes a day will result in firm arms and shoulders
    Rothman’s Take: Those new to arm workouts may see results, but veteran exercisers won’t find the routine sufficiently strenuous