Top Temp Jobs in America


Published March 27, 2014

| FOXBusiness

Top Temp Jobs in America

Here's Where to Find a Temp Job in the U.S.

Post-recession, temporary employment is more popular than ever. Here are the top industries for job seekers.

Human Resources Specialists

Human resources specialists are set to see a 4% growth hike in the next year, with 64,049 jobs in 2014. The median earnings per hour are on the high side at $26.83.

Customer Service Representatives

Who doesn’t like a kind and calm customer service rep on the other end of a phone or computer monitor? This temp occupation is set to grow 3% in the next year to 93,041 jobs, up from 90,215 in 2013. The median earnings per hour are $14.70.

Construction Laborers

These workers will have to get their hands dirty, but the report finds they will see a 3% uptick in job openings this year to 75,183 jobs from 72,914 in 2013. The median pay is $14.42 an hour.

Administrative Assistants

The total amount of stand-in jobs for administrative assistants this year is set to jump by 3% to 71,573 this year with a median per-hour earnings of $15.58.

Registered Nurses

RN’s are always in demand, with the amount of temp registered nurse jobs set to climb 3% in 2014 to 58,000 from 56,233, according to the survey. The median pay is the highest in the report at $31.48 an hour.