If you haven’t heard, selfies are here to stay. President Obama is snapping them, and the noun was Oxford Dictionary’s “word of the year” in 2013 due to the drastic hike in usage.

And now, Apple (AAPL) has joined the selfie craze, adding a special section on the iTunes store for users who want to share photos of themselves. The “Sharing Selfies” section is dedicated to apps like Snapchat as well as Picr, a selfie diary app.

“In the frame of the tech world, Apple is in the business of selling applications and putting them in front of people who are using them the most,” says Jon Rettinger, CEO of TechnoBuffalo.com. “The selfie section features 11 apps that are linked to social networks. They put them in front of people who are interested in taking self-portraits, and they want to sell apps that improve the overall experience.”

He expects other app stores like Google Play (GOOG) and Windows to follow suit with similar offerings.

“Millennials grew up with the internet and have had tech their whole lives,” he says. “They share self-pictures on their devices, and think people want to see what they are doing, so this is the next evolution of that.”

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