5 Hot Cars from the Chicago Auto Show


Published February 06, 2014

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5 Hot Cars from the Chicago Auto Show

Five Hot Cars from the Chicago Auto Show

It might below freezing in the Windy City, but the cars on display at the Chicago Auto Show are heating things up.

Subaru Legacy

Price: Likely between $31,000 and $35,000 (fully loaded)
Release: Summer

This truck is the talk of the show, says James Riswick, Edmunds automotive editor, and is a real evolution of the 2014 model.

“It has standard all-wheel drive, and while Subaru has been really popular in the Snowbelt and mountainous areas like Alaska, this car will buck that trend and be more relevant to people in non-snowy areas,” he says.

The truck has improved fuel economy, which will make it more relevant in the mainstream marketplace as well, he adds.

Dodge Journey

Price: Not released

Release: Likely in next two months

“This will have larger chrome wheels and will be more aggressive,” says Brauer. “It will be more performance oriented in look and feel.”

Chevy Silverado HD

Price: Not released

Release: Likely next two months

This is a bigger and meatier truck than the current model, says Brauer.

“It is CNG-powered, meaning it has duel fuel systems: natural gas or regular fuel,” he says. “It’s much better for the environment.”

Kia Soul

Price: Mid- $30,000’s

Release: No release date yet

This price is likely to be discounted with government rebates for the electric vehicle, Riswick says.

“The Soul is successful for Kia because people like the design, it looks funky and has style to it,” he says. “People who like electric vehicles like to stick out in the crowd. This will also have a bit more range than you would expect from a normal electric vehicle.”

Chevy City Express

Price: Not yet released

Release: Not yet released

“This is not a car for regular consumers,” Riswick points out, “but it’s big for small businesses.”

This is a small commercial van, so that small companies don’t have to buy a giant V8 powered heavy vehicle for their business needs.