Betting on the Super Bowl with your coworkers in the office can seem like harmless fun—but can it land you in legal hot water?

 “I think it comes down to nothing more than understanding whether this is something that aligns with your company culture,” says business strategist Erika Napoletano.

Former corporate human resources professional Vicki Salemi says the legality of participating in office bets  varies by state.

“Most likely it’s not legal, but the question is, does your office have a strict HR policy? And if not … then it’s more like … a friendly wager,” Salemi says.

Both experts agree that an average office pool should be between $10 and $20. “Once you get into $500-$1000 a bet, then you have to ask yourself, does this really feel right?” Salemi points out.

“If you want to drop a $500,000 bet, there are flights that go to Vegas and it’s a lot warmer there,” Napoletano adds.

“At the end of the day, it’s our national pastime. … If you don’t participate, you may be left out in the cold.”