Hot Wheels: Best Rides from Detroit Auto Show


Published January 13, 2014

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Hot Wheels: Best Rides from Detroit Auto Show

Hot Wheels: Best Rides from Detroit Auto Show

You don’t have to venture all the way to Motor City to get a look at 2014’s hottest rides. Here’s an overview of the top cars and trucks coming out of the show.

Ford F-150

Price: Not yet announced

When: Late 2014, fourth quarter

This the first full-size truck to have an aluminum composite, which was formerly and exotic car feature, Brauer says. “Ford knows how to do aluminum body panels. No one has done this for a full-size pickup yet.”

Chrysler 200 C

Price: Mid- $20,000s

When: Spring 2014

Brauer says Chrysler hasn’t had a competitive offering in the mid-sized sedan category in quite some time. “This is a hybrid-Fiat platform, a nice collaboration between Chrysler and Fiat.”

Honda Fit

Price: Around $15,000

When: Mid-2014

Honda is defending its market segment in the small-entry sub-compact car category, according to Brauer. “This market has been challenged by the Koreans and U.S. Toyota used to own that market. “

Toyota FT-1 Concept Car

Price: Likely at least $50,000 or more

When: No release date

This model is a “spiritual successor” to the Surpa, the last performance coupe Toyota sold in the U.S., Brauer says.

“It’s incredibly sleek, two-door, two-seater performance sports car. It looks like a Ferrari from Toyota. It represents Toyota wanting to have a more passionate and emotional image.”

Ford Mustang

Price: Mid- $20,000s

When: Late 2014

While this isn’t the car’s debut, Brauer has picked it because it’s the car’s 50th anniversary this April.

“It’s an all-new vehicle from the ground up. It has independent rear suspension and is becoming a real sophisticated performance car. It’s the heart and soul of Ford’s line.”

GMC Canyon

Price: Low-to-mid-$20,000s

When: Fall 2014

This is the GMC (NYSE: GM) version of the Chevy Colorado, Brauer says, which will likely give the automaker more traction in the small truck market.

“There isn’t a domestic offering in there yet.  There are truck buyers that tend to want to go domestic.”