5 Top College Towns to Invest In

Published November 15, 2013

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5 Top College Towns to Invest In

5 Top College Towns to Invest In

College may be the best four years of a child’s life, but they may also provide a worthwhile investment opportunity for parents. Here are five towns and cities across the country that real estate experts say can bring a nice return on your real estate investment.

St. Louis

Average home price in the city: $100,500

Average home price in metro area: $128,700

This city is home to St. Louis University and Washington University, Franek says, and adds that its downtown area is undergoing a “renaissance.”

“Fifteen years ago, it was really run down in the city,” he says. “Now it’s a Mecca, much because of the university.”

Tampa, Orlando Corridor

Average home price in the Tampa metro area: $128,100

Average home price in Orlando metro area: $146,300

Average home price in Lakeland metro area, between Tampa and Orlando: $106,900

Franek says this area is home to Florida Southern University, the University of Central Florida and University of Tampa, and while the size of the schools vary they are all working to make the community around them an extension of the school.


Average home price in Baltimore city: $96,400

Average home price in Baltimore metro area: $231,600

Johns Hopkins University is a huge draw here, says Franek, and makes the city a worthwhile investment.

“Johns Hopkins is right in the middle of the city. Hopkins sees Baltimore as an extension of its campus, and the city sees the campus as an extension of Baltimore,” he says. “Students and community are profiting from this.”


Average home price in Phoenix: $158,400

Average home price in Phoenix metro area: $184,800

Franek mentions Arizona State University makes this area a draw, among other downtown universities.

“ASU’s President Michael Crow has been building out the university and it is an urban campus,” he says. “Phoenix is a destination spot, so it has a nontraditional population. And if you live there and want to go in and take a class at ASU, that is a great resource.”

Claremont, Calif.

Average home price in the city: $507,900

There are five colleges in this town, according to Franek, including engineering school Harvey Mudd College, and each school offers unique character and perspective to the location.

“All of the schools are fabulously talented, and each school has a unique personality,” he says.

“This is right outside of Los Angeles.”