4 to Watch: Where to Find Jobs in the Tech Sector


Published September 06, 2013

| FOXBusiness

4 to Watch: Where to Find Jobs in the Tech Sector

4 to Watch: Where to Find Jobs in the Tech Sector

DoubleClick co-founder Dwight Merriman says there’s more to the tech industry than just engineers. He shares the secrets of where to look to break into the scene. And do you want Google reading your emails? Defense attorney Ashley Merchant on the latest privacy scandal. In case you missed it, here is a recap of some of the top newsmakers and expert analysis from last night on FOX Business Network.

Where to Find Jobs in Tech

DoubleClick, MongoDB and Gilt Groupe co-founder Dwight Merriman says the tech industry is looking for more than just engineers. 63,900 jobs were added in software services, according to the TechAmerica Foundation, and Merriman points out that fast-growing tech companies are also looking for employees to work in marketing, sales and finance departments.

What’s Next for the Markets?

Hedgeye Risk Management’s Jonathan Casteleyn says unrest in Syria drove down the markets in August, but continued improvement in jobless claims is helping with a rebound. Casteleyn says as long as the latest unemployment rate isn’t “embarrassing,” stocKs won’t take a hit.

Google Data Grab?

Defense attorney Ashley Merchant says there’s little hope when it comes to stopping Google’s snooping, because we live in a free-market society. She says people can always walk away from Google and choose another company’s services.

Mortgage Rate Flip-Flop

Want a cheaper mortgage? Then you may want to buy a bigger house. Jumbo mortgage rates have fallen below rates for regular mortgages. Trulia VP of Analytics Jed Kolko says the fees tacked on to conforming loans have gone up, making them very expensive, and concerns about tapering have affected them more so than jumbo loans.