Want to wow your first sweetheart? You'll get a double take if you drive up in one of these cars.
  • 1Cool Cars to the Reunion


    Showing how far you've come over the past decade, or four, is a big part of any high school reunion.

    Among the questions that your former high school classmates will ask -- "Are you married? Where do you work? What do you do?" -- is what kind of car do you drive.

    To help make a good first impression, Bankrate has assembled its list of seven cool cars to drive to your high school reunion. These aren't cars you buy for the event. Rather, they are the cars you own that express where you are in life.

    You won't find any big-ticket exotics or luxury cars on this list. We've kept the price tag less than $50,000. In fact, some picks fall under $30,000. Most are two-door coupes or roadsters because they're hotter than typical sedans. After all, it's all about looking cool, not necessarily rich.

    No other filters determined our picks. Although fuel economy didn't influence these choices, we include the miles per gallon estimates.

    All prices reflect the models and options described. They also include the automatic transmission when it's an option, but they don't include the delivery charge.

    So, dust off that letterman's jacket, shake out those pompoms, slap on a "remember me?" name tag and drive to that reunion.