These cars may be tiny in size, but you'll be happy with how much you'll save on fuel costs.
  • 1Small Cars That Turn Heads

    Remember when the honking-big gas guzzlers like the Hummer would make folks stop and stare? Call it a sign of the times, but what's turning heads today are those cute tiny cars zipping around town. They are small, efficient and uber green.

    If you've been pining away for the day when you can say goodbye to high gasoline prices and long for a car that fits into any parking spot, you might want to consider one of these tiny cars. They come in three flavors: gas-sipping, hybrid or all-electric.

    If you opt for 100 percent electric, you'll have to deal with what the industry calls "range anxiety," or how far you can go without a charge.

    The good news is that the extra cost of an electric car can be shaved by applying for a $7,500 federal tax credit.

    Here are Bankrate's choices for five pint-sized car models for 2013. Prices do not include the federal or any state tax credit for electric or hybrid cars.