February 2013 Financial Security Index Charts


Published February 25, 2013

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Bankrate's monthly survey of six questions measures how secure Americans feel about their personal finances compared to 12 months ago. From Feb. 7-10, 2013, telephone interviews (on landlines and cellphones) with 1,004 adults living in the continental U.S. were conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International. The results of Bankrate's Financial Security Index have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points. This month, the index decreased to 96.8, 1.8 points less than January 2013.


  • 60% of men and 49% of women say they have more in savings than in credit card debt.
  • 29% of parents with children younger than 18 have more money in credit card debt, compared to 21% of people without young children.
  • 67% of people making at least $75,000 a year have more savings than credit card debt, while just 41% of those making less than $30,000 report the same.

Financial Security Index


  • 34% of Republicans feel less job security today, compared to 20% of Democrats and 20% of Independents.
  • 21% of Southerners feel more job security, but just 12% of Midwesterners feel the same way.
  • 22% of men without children younger than 18 feel more job security -- almost double the 12% of their women counterparts.


  • 6% of rural respondents are more comfortable with their savings, compared to 15% of those in cities and suburbs.
  • 8% of those making less than $30,000 a year are more comfortable with their savings, compared to 17% of earners making more.
  • 19% of college grads are more comfortable with their savings, compared to 15% with some college experience and 10% with a high school diploma at most.


  • Just 9% of Northeasterners feel more comfortable about their debt, compared to 22% of the rest of the country.
  • 19% of college grads are less comfortable regarding their debt, compared to less than 26% of those less educated.
  • 26% of people younger than 65 are less comfortable with their debt, while 17% of those at least 65 feel the same.



  • 23% of suburbanites say their net worth has shrunk, compared to 15% of city-dwellers.
  • 29% of men and 22% of women report higher net worth.
  • 27% of Republicans say their net worth has shrunk, versus 13% of Democrats and 19% of Independents.

Financial Security Index Bankrate.com


  • 33% of college graduates say they're better off today, more than the 19% without a college degree.
  • 33% of black respondents say they're better off today, compared with 21% of Caucasians.
  • 37% of Republicans and 29% of Independents say they're worse off today, with 20% of Democrats agreeing.


Bankrate.com Financial Security Index

Bankrate's Financial Security Index gauges how Americans feel today versus a year ago on vital financial matters. An index value of less than 100 indicates declining levels of financial security; a value greater than 100 reveals higher levels of security compared to 12 months ago.

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