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7 secrets retailers don't want you to know

There's a method to mall madness
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Today's??retailers have uncovered the science behind shopping. Your favorite mall stores actually hire such retail researchers as Paco Underhill, author of "Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping."

Underhill has tracked hundreds of thousands of shoppers to study how they shop. "There is nothing random about how a store is arranged and designed. It is carefully calculated to appeal to you in every possible way," he says.

"The stores have a plan, so you should, too," says Dave Ramsey, best-selling author of "The Total Money Makeover" and host of a syndicated financial talk show on the radio.



Smart shopping resources
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"Alcoholics should stay out of the bars. If you know you have a problem with spending, stay out of the mall," says Ramsey. These stories can serve as your own program to smart spending and shopping.



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