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It’s What’s for Dinner

Foodies who like to find new recipes online have a lot of sites to choose from., but it can be tough to keep track of where they found their last culinary creation. Not anymore, Yumm allows all chefs to store and share their recipes from anywhere on the Web in just one spot. 

By setting up a username and password at Yumm.com, users can store any recipes found online  to their Yumm account. The site also keeps track of the most commonly-saved recipes in its “Most Popular” section, allowing members and non-members alike to find out what people are munching on. 

Check’s in the Mail

OnSale told you about a new app that lets you do your taxes from your smartphone. Now the IRS has an app that lets you check the status of your refund check. It’s called IRS2Go, and it lets you find out when you’ll be receiving your check and get additional information on your return. 

The app is free for Android devices and the iPhone, and tells e-filers how much to expect from Uncle Sam within about 72 hours after the IRS confirms It received your return. For taxpayers who file paper tax returns can check on their check after about three to four weeks.

The Tax Man Finder

Speaking of taxes, there’s now a database specifically targeted to help you find a certified public accountant in your area--or anywhere else for that matter. 

The site, called “TeaSpiller” has the contact information for more than 20,000 accountants across the nation, giving you access to their e-mail addresses and phone numbers, and price quotes. 

If you find one you want to work with, you can submit your payment through the site, and, within two weeks, upload all of the required documents to the site so your new accountant can figure out how much you can expect to see when you access IRS2Go.  

Albums for a Song

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has a great deal on album purchases for just one more week.

Through the end of January, the online retailer is offering more than 1,000 albums by some pretty fantastic artists for just $5 a pop. From classic hits to soundtracks to some of today’s favorites, you’ll find there’s something for everyone--for cheap.

$30 Phone Bill

Verizon (NYSE:VZ) REALLY wants you to buy an iPhone on its network: The company is reportedly offering a $30 unlimited iPhone data plan, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Just $30 for all the data you can process each month is a sweet deal, but it won't last forever; the company says it’s only temporary.


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