Here are some Web sites of interest for parents of disabled or seriously ill newborns.

No. 1: The Partnership for Parents is a support network for parents of children with serious illnesses.

No. 2: For those parents navigating the emotions of caregiving, this site contains personal reflections written by parents of children with life-threatening conditions, sharing their hard-won wisdom.

No. 3: Sally McDonald’s blog Maggie World about caring for her severely disabled daughter Maggie for the past 16 years.

No. 4: Eligibility criteria for Supplemental Security Income payments.

No. 5: Financial management during crisis: How to be a loving parent while acting as your child's primary health advocate.

No. 6: The March of Dimes' Foundation’s Web site containing everything you need to know about birth defects.

No. 7: Early Intervention for Colorado: How one state streamlines supports and services for infants, toddlers and their families.