The controversy surrounding the pat downs and body scanners at airports continues to heat up. People are furious about what many are calling inappropriate frisks by airport security officials or being forced to go through scanners that project a naked image of your body.

Now it turns out the makers of these scanners have Washington's ear. ..thanks to... what else: lobbyists.

According to the USA Today, the companies that make the scanners have more than doubled their lobbying since 2005.

Rapiscan Systems has spent more than a quarter of a million dollars in 2010, in 2005 it spent only about $80,000.

I-3 communications has spent more than $4 million this year,  compared to around $2.5 million five years ago. l-3 communications has sold nearly $40 million worth of the body scanner machines to the U.S. government.

So what kinds of things are they focused on in Washington? The paper points out a bill sponsored by Republican Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz that would have made the scanners a last resort for security lines. That bill failed.

And like I said, besides the money they're throwing around, the security companies have powerful people in their corner: that ever-persistent revolving door.

l-3's top lobbyist is Linda Daschle - a former administrator for the FAA and the wife of former Senate Majority Leader Rom Daschle.

Rapiscan has former Homeland Security Chief Michael Shertoff in its back pocket.

I know, it's no shock that everything these days comes down to money,  but just once I'd like to hear a story about how politicians are putting people ahead of policy and their pocketbooks!

And then maybe we wouldn't be forced into illicit pat-downs for the holidays!


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