On Tuesday,  this program showed you where your federal tax dollars were going; the list included entitlement programs,  the military,  federal highways and much, much more.

Well, the pay of federal workers is certainly going up, according to a new USA Today report.

The paper says the number of federal workers earning more than $150,000 has doubled since President Obama took office—that’s less than two years!

Nearly 4% of federal workers now make over that $150,000 threshold, compared to less than 0.5% back in 2005.

As you know, the public sector workers don't just have an increasing salary,  but amazing benefits as well.  Those benefits are up 3% in the last decade - while private sector workers saw theirs increase less than 1% during the same time.

So where's the money going?

The Defense Department for one: as of June,  994 civilians working there make more than $170,000 a year--in 2005: there were only nine! Plus now, the average salary for medical doctors at Veterans’ hospitals and other federal facilities is around $180,000--in 2005 it was $111,000.

Those are just a few examples - but the raises are across the board - especially for those who've worked in government for decades.

In the last five years, salaries have jumped 25% for those who've been employed for at least 15 years.

To pour salt in the wound, President Obama wants to give a 1.5% raise to the more than two million workers! Are you kidding me?

I remember when our parents used to warn us about getting jobs in the private sector, that's certainly an old wives tale now!

I am not against people earning money and achieving the American dream,  but come on!  We as taxpayers shouldn't have to pay such high salaries.

And if the new Republican majority has their way - we won't be for long!

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