Socialism is rearing its ugly head again, this time in the form of energy costs!

According to the Wall Street Journal, we may all have to start paying for wind or solar energy - even if we don't use it!

Get to know this acronym: FERC--the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

According to the paper, the commission has a plan to spread out the costs for the transmission lines to bring wind and solar projects to the national grid. A price tag that is likely to top $160 billion!

Residents in states such as California, Oregon, New York and Michigan will have to pay billions of dollars more in utility bills and they won't ever see such lines!

In fact,  Michigan will to pay for 20% of the $16 billion projects outside their state!

Governors in a handful of states are opposed to the plan calling it, "inappropriate to assess the cost of transmission build-out to customers that cannot make use of the facilities, or who elect not to because they can access more cost effective options."

This is beyond maddening.

Since the start of electric companies --users would pay for the service-- not everyone paying for somebody else's service.

To make matters worse: these companies are already getting handouts left and right from the federal government.

The Department of Energy reports wind and solar companies already get 20 times more subsidies than traditional power companies and more than $ 3 billion were set aside in the stimulus package for green technology.

These companies have become addicted to government gifts... as most do who get them.

We're already paying for them to exist,  we absolutely should not have to pay more to not  use them!

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