Welcome to the official launch of The Career Hot Seat! 

Each Monday I’m going to tackle career and workplace issues that affect all professionals. Let’s face it, the "Great Recession" has changed the nature of work in this country. The stress and strain of faltering industries, record layoffs, and mass foreclosures has impacted every one of us in some way. It’s no longer business as usual. Whatever your professional goals are, you are going to have to step it up if you hope to thrive during these challenging times.

The reason I call this column The Career Hot Seat is to create a sense of urgency. As a certified coach trained in the field of organizational psychology, I firmly believe in looking inward before blaming outward.

By putting you in the “Hot Seat” I’m asking you to take charge of yourself and your career. The purpose of The Career Hot Seat is to put the accountability back on you. Whether you are in transition, unhappy at work, or just feeling lost, the Career Hot Seat is a place for you to step back from the madness of everyday life and take a look in the mirror. 

My intent is to provide resources, ideas, and tips for getting your work life back on track. We all fall prey to living in our own heads and rarely take the time to check ourselves and our perspectives. Hopefully, this column will help you do just that.

Some of the topics I will focus on include:

•Picking the right career direction

•Creating a YOU Plan

•Developing your brand identity

•Dealing with bad bosses 

•Workplace politics

 •Uncomfortable conversations 

•The power of persuasion 

•Career entrepreneurialism  

Keep in mind, it’s easy to take on a victim mentality during tough times. However, those who are able to resist the temptation of pointing the finger are the ones who are able to take control of their own destiny. By reading this column each week you are putting yourself in the Career Hot Seat and taking on the challenge of thinking differently about your career aspirations and work life circumstances. Whatever your situation is, you can’t wait around to be bailed out, it’s going to be up to you to bail yourself out. The Career Hot Seat is the place to start.   

Feedback is always welcome, so feel free to tweet me or e-mail ideas to DrWoody@DrWoody.com


Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward, PhD is a coach and author of The YOU Plan: A 5-step Guide to Taking Charge of Your Career in the New Economy. Dr. Woody is president of the consulting firm HCI, sits on the Academic Advisory Board of the Florida International University Center for Leadership, and holds a PhD in organizational psychology.