We are just under six weeks until the all-important midterm elections.

I have said on this program we need people in Washington willing to make the tough choices to bring down the ridiculous out-of-control spending of this administration and Congress.

We need people better equipped to manage our nation's finances--but the Wall Street Journal points out some of the candidates are having a hard enough time managing their own money.

We start in Illinois, of course there are money problems there!

The Democratic treasurer running for Barack Obama’s Senate seat - Alexi Giannoulias couldn't save his family's bank, Broadway Bank from being seized by the FDIC in April.

He's been slipping in the polls since his financial troubles have come to light. In what was once a dead heat - he is now down four points in the latest Rasmussen poll.

Democratic Idaho Congressman Walter Minnick is fighting charges by the IRS that he and his wife owe more than $250,000 in unpaid taxes and penalties!

But it's certainly not just Democrats who can't balance their checkbook!

Republicans - even those in the money-conscience Tea Party - have their fair share of troubles!

The nominee for governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, invested $2 million into his daughter's sporting goods store—which of course went bust and now the loan is worth $2.3 million.

Party star Marco Rubio, who is running for the Senate in Florida, is fighting foreclosure on not one, but two homes and is also dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt!

Now there's a good chance he will make it to Capitol Hill, since he has an 11-point lead over his independent opponent Charlie Crist!

And lest we forget: the woman who seems to keep making headlines since her primary victory - Delaware Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell. She's not only facing accusations of dabbling in witchcraft, but the Tea Party princess is being sued by Fairleigh Dickinson University for not paying her student loans.

She is also accused of using campaign funds to pay her rent after staving off foreclosure by selling her home!

Her financial concerns are one of a handful of reasons analysts say she is losing by 15 points in the latest polls.

I'm sure each of these candidates have excuses or explanations for their financial woes; and their campaigns will tell you we need to focus on the issues not the scandals.

But, here is the thing- getting the nation's spending under control and the finances in order is the issue!