$787 billion: that's the price tag of the main stimulus bill President Obama signed back in February of 2009.

While economists across the country debate the effectiveness of the massive spending bill , one state is clearly not getting the help it needs: Nevada.

Before the recovery act was signed, Nevada had an unemployment rate of 9.6% , which was bad enough,  but 18 months later - after the stimulus was supposed to fix everything - the silver state has an unemployment rate of more than 14%. A 4.5% jump!

The number of people employed in Nevada shrunk by nearly 59,000 people in that time.

Well maybe the latest round of summer stimulus funds will help; except on the government's own Web site there's no evidence Nevada got any summer of recovery projects.

It's not like Nevada is a perennial red state and not worth the time or money from this Democratic White House. Nevada went overwhelmingly for President Obama in 2008.

And their senior senator? The majority leader himself -Harry Reid!

But as more and more people find themselves out of work - more and more people are ready to vote for his opponent Sharron Angle!

A new Rasmussen poll out shows the two in a dead heat: 47 to 47.

While the stimulus may have  "created or saved" jobs in some states,  Nevada is left in the dust.

The state also tops the list of foreclosures and credit card debt; and come November Sen. Reid may get thrown out with the bathwater.

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