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Google gives Voice to the masses and FiOS gets mover-friendly. Flit.com does all your comparison shopping with just one click. Surf the net before you jet – for free. Get must-have packaged software at a discount. And who will win the e-reader war?

Voice Over

Google (GOOG) Voice is now available to everyone, without an invitation. With a Voice account, you can connect your landline and mobile phone to one number. Through that number, you have access to free calls, text messages and voicemail in the continental U.S. and Canada. (Don’t worry world travelers – international calls via Google Voice are cheap!) The program also offers call recording features, call screening, transcribed voicemails that can be sent to your e-mail, and of course, conferencing.

FiOS Skips the Contract

Attention commitment phobes: Verizon (VZ) is offering its FiOS service without a two-year contract. That’s broadband Internet, phone, and TV service without a commitment and discounted prices for the first few months of service. Those of you who want a two-year contract can rest-assured: If you change your mind within the first month there’s no cancellation fee. 

Bargain Hunter

Online shoppers who won’t rest until they’ve found the best deal need to check out Flit.com.

The shopping-assistance site compares product prices at several online retailers and tells you which one offers the best price. 

You can customize your search according to the type of store you prefer to frequent and the site will narrow your options by category. Don’t see the store you’re looking for? You can add it to Flit’s database and the site promises to add it to the ever-growing search pile. 

Free Wi-Fi in SF

Last week it was Starbucks (SBUX), and now it’s San Francisco International Airport. 

Starting Sept. 1, the airport will offer free Wi-Fi to all travelers who fly in and out of the Bay Area. (Until then, you can pay to connect via T-Mobile.)

Group Apps

OnSale told you about Groupon.com, where more is merrier when it comes to discounts.

 Now there’s a new Groupon-like site specifically for software. Web wonder Noah Kagan created AppSumo, which bundles together software subscriptions, and lets you buy the bunch at a discounted price.

Right now, AppSumo is offering 6 apps to boost personal productivity, from “Remember the Milk,” perfect for anyone who lives by their “To-Do” List, to “Shoeboxed,” which makes paperwork disappear. Refer a friend to the app deal and you get $1. Stay tuned for additional offers from AppSumo.

e-Reader Rollbacks

Amazon (AMZN) and Barnes and Noble (BKS) are battling it out for a chance to be the best in the e-book business. 

Barnes and Noble slashed the price on its Nook e-reader to $259 to $199. The original version connects to both Wi-Fi and 3G networks. It also introduced a new device, which connects to Wi-Fi only, for $149. Amazon then cut the price on its Kindle 2 to $189 from $259. It seems e-reader fans have won this price war… So when is Apple (AAPL) going to lower the price of its coveted iPad?

Price Check

OnSale told you about Microsoft’s (MSFT) Kinect feature for XBOX 360, but we didn’t have a price at the time of publication. According to Microsoft’s online store, the retail price is an “estimated” $149.99.

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