*Dish Network to carry Weather Channel

*Weather Channel to provide localized programming

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Dish Network Corp
agreed to carry the Weather Channel, ending disagreements over
carriage fees and programming that threatened to keep the
network off the pay TV service.

Dish Network will carry two networks of the Weather
Channel, including a customized local weather features that the
satellite service wanted.

Weather Channel sought higher monthly carrier fees. while
Dish Network threatened to drop the Weather Channel because it
would not provide local weather features.

Additional terms of the agreement, including Weather
Channel carrier fees, were not disclosed.

The partnership also includes personalized weather reports
from the Weather Channel through the Android mobile platform to
be launched this summer.

The Weather Channel gets about one-sixth of its U.S.
viewers through the Dish Network. On average the Weather
Channel is paid 11 cents a month per subscriber, according to
SNL Kagan data.
(Reporting by Jennifer Saba; Editing by Derek Caney)