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Build a Budget

Online financial resource DebtGoal helps users prioritize and manage their debt. It's not a debt settlement service, nor is it for consolidation, credit counseling or bankruptcy. Instead, DebtGoal lets you connect all of your financial accounts to its site, then calculates your ideal minimum payment, monthly and bi-weekly. 

Its Commitment Calculator lets you determine the long-term effects of your current payment plan. DebtGoal says its members save more than $35,000 in interest. You can try DebtGoal for a week for free, and then it charges you a monthly fee of $15. 

Minty Clean Feeling

Evolution Robotics is now accepting pre-orders for its Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner. Built specifically for hard surface floors such as wood, tile, vinyl, and Pergo, the Mint claims to dust and mop as well as a human does. 

Mint resembles a portable hard drive, measuring at 3 inches tall with a 10 inch pad for cleaning. Mint uses re-usable microfiber cloths to pick up dust, and is said to be able to dust an average size kitchen floor in 25 minutes, and mop the same space in about 40 minutes. It navigates through its NorthStar cube and comes with a rechargeable battery. You'll be able to buy Mint at select stores this summer, and can also pre-order it now with a $20 deposit, which will then be applied to the $249.00 purchase price.

Sharing is Caring

Steven Finch at Crenk.com has an easy way for you to share your iTunes (AAPL) library with every computer in your household. (But remember, as always, copyrights do apply!) Check it out here.

Speaking of music, an app called UMusic is one of the best ways to stream songs on Android (GOOG) phones. The UMusic app will cost you $2, but that's all you'll pay for music. UMusic takes songs from YouTube, strips out the video, then streams it on your phone. Download it here

Local Find

Love to shop online but hate paying for shipping and waiting three days for delivery? Try Milo.com, where you can shop for your favorite product and find it locally to purchase and bring home that same day. 

Milo.com searches the shelves of local stores, finding the products you want at the best prices before you leave home. Milo.com lets you search according to store, state, or product, and will list the stores nearest you, along with contact information, plus a list of regular and sale-priced inventory.

Kindle at Target

Target (TGT) will become the first brick-and-mortar store to sell Amazon's (AMZN) Kindle, starting Sunday. The $259 device will be sold at Target's Flagship store in downtown Minneapolis, in addition to Target stores in South Florida. The Kindle will find its way into other Target stores nationwide throughout the year.

Streaming into Seagate

Seagate (NASDAQ:STX) is adding streaming video services from the likes of Netflix and other media providers to its FreeAgent Theater+™ HD Media Player. All you need is an HDMI connection and you can view computer files and Web video on your TV.

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