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Not a Plastic Bottle

In the spririt of Earth Day, do-it-yourself designer and founder of P.S.-- I Made This Erica Domesek is making accessories out of plastic bottles. Water bottler Dasani (KO) is getting in on the action with its PlantBottle, made from plant-based materials and 100% recyclable. You can make your own green-friendly products inspired by Domesek by visiting Dasani.com

Good Jeans

Another chance to re-use (or at least repair): Denim Therapy repairs your favorite jeans without using the mis-matched patches you'd get if your local tailor did the job. The online service caters to customers around the world, repairing items at a rate of about $7 per inch. Denim Therapy matches and uses the same color thread when mending and repairing your jeans. Shipping a pair of jeans will usually cost you about $12.

Movies for $1

Redbox is a DVD rental service that lets you search new releases and reserve a copy at your local kiosk for as little as $1 per rental. The service also has an iPhone app that lets you search according to genre and release date. Click here for locations and to sign up. Find more movies on the cheap.

Nook at Best Buy

The Barnes & Noble (BKS) e-reader, Nook, is coming to a Best Buy (BBY) near you on Sunday, April 18. 

The device costs $260. BestBuy says it will also start adding free Barnes & Noble "eReader" software to select laptops, desktops, netbooks and tablets. After picking up your new Nook at Best Buy, make sure you check out Barnes & Noble's "More in Store" program, which allows Nook users free WiFi access to search through new titles and best-selling books. The latest this month include "Spring Redemption" by Mitch Albom, "How to Cool the Planet" by Jeff Goodell, and "Caught" by Harlan Coben.

Coach Class

Mother's Day is less than a month away ... and Coach (COH) just introduced its new "Julia" collection online. The leather and canvas styles come in a variety of spring colors and cool neutrals. If you place an order before Monday, April 19, orders $75 and over get free shipping.

On the Flip Side

Cisco (CSCO) just added a new member to its flip-video family. 

The Flip SideHD can record up to 4 hours of video, and store up to 12 hours with its 16GB memory. You get instant playback and real-time video sharing on its 3" touch screen, all in the palm of your hand. You can get your very own personalized version starting at $279.99 at theflip.com.

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