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Carry-On or Check?

Spirit Airlines is going to start charging you for your carry-on items. It just launched its new "$9 Fare Club," and the carry-on fee is part of that new pricing bundle. Those who are members of Spirit's $9 Fare Club can pay as low as a penny for a round-trip ticket, plus the cost of fuel, taxes, and reservation fees. Members also get to carry-on their bags for $20, while non-members will have to pay up to $45 each way for a carry-on. The airline says it will start its carry-on fee in August at the earliest.


Some specifications for Hewlett Packard's (HPQ) new slate device, its answer to Apple's iPad, have been leaked to Engadget.com

The site said it's learned HP's slate will start at $549, $50 more than Apple's iPad. It is said that it will have the ability to take pictures and be compatible with Adobe Flash. Slate users can also access media with built-in SD and USB ports. The release date of HP's slate is still unknown.

Blog For Keys

Grammy-award winner Alicia Keys is looking for a new blogger for her Web site, IAAS.com

Between now and May 3rd, the superstar is accepting applications through Monster.com. The application process requires videos and writing samples, which will be voted on by the public. The top 10 finalists will be flown to New York, and the final 3 candidates will be asked to blog about The Black Ball UK at the end of May. The new Head Blogger will be announced at the end of June. 

Free Copies

Staples (SPLS) is letting you use its photocopy services for free for up to 30 pages of tax returns. The deal lasts through April 15. Click here to find your nearest Staples.

Apps Organized

The latest version of the iTunes (AAPL) App Store, 9.1, now has two specific categories to simplify your app search. At the top of the App Store page, you'll find a switch labeled "iPad" and "iPhone." Click on the device you want to shop for, and you'll find all the items available in that particular category.

Voice to Text

MetroPCS (PCS) just launched a new voicemail-to-text feature for its current customers. The service, powered by Yap, will automatically convert voicemails into a text message or e-mail. All e-mail messages will have the original voicemail attached. The service costs $3 per month for unlimited transcriptions, including taxes and fees. Current MetroPCS customers can add the service by dialing 611, *611, or 999.8metro8.

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