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Mobile Vision

FOX Mobile, a subsidiary of News Corp. (NWSA), the parent company of FOX Business, has a new way for you to watch TV on your mobile phone. It just launched a new subscription service called Bitbop, which gives smart phone users access to television programs and movies for streaming and downloading over Wi-Fi and 3G networks. 

Like Hulu, Fox, NBC Universal, and Discovery provide Bitbop’s content. Monthly access will cost $10, with some extra charges for certain movies. The free Bitbop app is expected to be released in the next few weeks, and will work with iPhone, Droid, and BlackBerry.

Gifted App

iTunes (AAPL) gives the gift of downloadable music, TV shows and videos. Now the App Store wants you to give the gift of app. The store’s new “gift” feature lets you buy apps for friends and family. All you have to do is visit the app store, select the “gift” tool, type in the recipient’s name and e-mail address, and the store will send them a link. All they have to do is click on the link and "voila" -- you have it.

A Galaxy Near You

Samsung Electronics just launched its new Galaxy S smart phone, powered by Android. The Galaxy S has a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and a 1Ghz application processor so you can easily stream and watch video via phone. Galaxy S users will have access to the Android Market as well as the use of Google mobile services, such as Google Maps. And its ThinkFree feature lets you edit and view documents produced with Microsoft Office 7. There’s no set date at this time for the arrival of Samsung’s Galaxy 7 on store shelves, but you can keep track of its progress by visiting Samsung.com

Wii Loves Netflix

Netflix (NFLX) announced in January that it’s teaming up with Nintendo Wii to stream movies and TV episodes directly to your Wii console “sometime this spring.” Well, "sometime" has arrived. 

Netflix sent its members and Wii fans an e-mail Thursday announcing the shipment of its much-anticipated “Watch Instantly” disc, a key component of the new feature. Netflix subscribers who pay a monthly membership fee of $8.99 are eligible for the service, and of course you have to have a Wii console and broadband access.

Bar Fight

Customers of AT&T (T) wireless who have trouble with reception at home now have a $150 solution to solve their connection problems. What will that buy you? A “femtocell,” a small box that sends out cellular signals. 

You connect the “femtocell” to your broadband modem, and it allows the signal from your cell phone to piggyback off your Internet connection. AT&T says it will start rolling out these “femtocells,” which will be sold under the much easier-sounding named “3G MicroCell” next month. AT&T says it will offer those with the company’s residential broadband service will get a $50 mail-in rebate on their 3G MicroCell.

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