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Deals Online

Find deals and discounts of up to 90% off the original price on tickets to sporting events, restaurants, and spas in New York with Yipit.com. Similar to Groupon.com, the Web site we told you about in December, Yipit helps you find deals and discounts at local businesses by following local blogs and Web sites. This month, Yipit’s coverage started expanding into other cities. Yipit Perch is dedicated to finding daily deals in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C., and elsewhere. Visit Yipit's Perch and see if your city is included to find the best bargains in your area. Looking for a sample sale? Yipit has a collection of those, too, for sales only in New York (for now). Visit Yipit's Spotter for more.

Finance via Phone

Monitor your bank balance, portfolio, and budget while on the go with Fidelity’s new iPhone from Apple (AAPL) app. The free app lets you keep track of your portfolio, buy and sell stocks, mutual funds and ETFs, and gives you the latest market news when you need it. Those of you who like to track your accounts at Mint.com can download that iPhone app for free. The money-managing tools you find on the Web site are included in the app, which allows you instant access to your budget and cash flow. Sign up for an account at Mint.com and download the app via itunes. 

Networking Site

Young professionals seeking to create a networking profile online may want to check out Koda.us. Similar to XING and LinkedIn, Koda works with a number of employers looking to hire new talent. But instead of catering to those with a few years of work experience, Koda helps employers hire recent college grads who are looking for a little extra help in starting their careers. When creating a profile at Koda, the job seeker can use photos, links, and video in addition to a resume to catch a recruiter’s attention. Companies have their own profile pages for job seekers to learn more about their work environment. Visit koda.us for more information.

More 7s From Microsoft

Windows Mobile from Microsoft (MSFT) is getting a makeover... and now we have a better idea of when the new version is going to be released. Microsoft says it’s set to start selling its Windows Phone 7 in time for the 2010 holiday season. The phone will feature the ability to connect with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming console and Xbox Live, as well as working with Bing and the Zune music service. The icons on the phone’s touchscreen are larger than those on Apple’s iPhone, and the Start screen can be customized to bring you up-to-date content, from the weather forecast to your Facebook status. Visit Windows Backstage to learn more.

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