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Google’s New Voice

Google Voice is now available for any smart phone that is HTML5-capable, such as the iPhone and Palm Pre

Google Voice lets you use your current phone number for voicemail, custom greetings and international calls. You can also get a Google (GOOG) number that connects to multiple phones and stores text messages online. Visit Google Voice for more information. 

eBay Fees

eBay (EBAY) says it’s going to offer free and discounted auction listings here in the U.S., following the lead of eBay in Europe. 

“eBay Everyday” is aimed at people who list items on an occasional basis. Any item listed with a start price of 99 cents or less is free, and if the item sells, the seller is responsible for paying 9% percent of the final sale price. But, if the item doesn’t sell, the seller pays nothing. “eBay Stores” is aimed at people who list items regularly. They’ll pay fees as low as 3 cents per listing for 30 days. Both programs will be available March 30.

One-Stop Uploading

Share your photos across cyberspace – Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter – through one location. lets you upload an image, select the different social media platforms you want to send it to, and click “Post It!” yfrog is designed specifically for viewing images on mobile devices. Sign up at

JPG Meets Target

French fashion legend Jean Paul Gaultier is coming to a Target (TGT) near you. 

The latest designer to contribute to Target’s limited-edition Designer Collaboration lines, Gaultier won’t be including the conical bra Madonna made famous. Instead, you’ll find pop-inspired party dresses, trendy jackets and tattoo prints priced between $18 and $200. Gaultier’s work will be in Target stores and online in early March.

Lilly for Wildlife

Palm Beach designer Lilly Pulitzer is known for using colors in everything she creates. But now she’s using a lot of black and white – with a little bit of pink – for a cause. 

The Spring 2010 collection, called “Protective Prints” features her latest creation, “Pandamonium,” which draws attention to the endangered panda bear. The limited edition print is available for men and women, with a retail price of $68 to $398. 10% of the proceeds will go to the World Wildlife Fund. “Pandamonium” will be featured at all Lilly Pulitzer stores and at starting February 10.

Know of a killer deal or insane bargain? E-mail the goods to, or follow us on Twitter at OnSale_FOXBiz, and share the wealth.

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