Obama's Sugar-Rush Stimulus

by Gerri Willis

President Obama’s cabinet made its way across the country today pushing his new economic plan.

That plan calls for billions more in stimulus dollars for green energy projects.

Some of those projects have been spectacular failures like Solyndra.

Republicans in Congress are still trying to get to the bottom of that mess.

The White House has been painfully slow to release information, and when it does, it's usually late on a Friday night.

So, we're expecting hundreds of pages to be dumped on us any minute now, and get this. The Solyndra factory in Freemont, California was just put up for sale.

In the promotional materials, the real estate broker says it's "a rare opportunity to acquire a world class manufacturing facility in the Silicon Valley."

Unfortunately, it's not that rare at all.

A new investigation by the Wall Street Journal today shows companies received over $10 billion in the past two years for alternative energy projects, but created far fewer than the 100,000 jobs promised.

In fact, many of those companies either laid off workers or closed altogether.

The Journal also reports the companies spent $14 million last year lobbying Washington for all that "green" stimulus money with many of them promoting overly optimistic job creation numbers just to get those dollars.

Here’s one we found. It was a virtually unknown window maker called Serious Energy.

It promised it would hire up to 600 workers in Chicago, but it never came close to that.

It came to national attention in April 2009 when Vice President Joe Biden visited the factory.

He held it up as an example of the success of the stimulus:

“Everywhere I go and everyone I see there are places and stories just like this. Stories of how the Recovery Act in record time has spurred economic growth in this country. Just seeing you here today makes me more confident about the certainty I have that we are going to succeed.”

Well, here's the real story of the Recovery Act. Serious energy announced today it's trying to sell the factory where Joe Biden made his grand proclamation, and the 50 or so jobs left there are now hanging in the balance.

You may be wondering how an unknown window maker in Chicago would be thrust onto the national stage like that.

It turns out, Serious Energy has some serious connections in the Obama Administration.

It was part of the White House's 'Better Buildings' challenge; a $4 billion spending plan the President said would save billions of dollars and create tens of thousands of jobs.

There's more. One of the company's top executives used to work at the Department of Energy and was an advisor to Energy Secretary Steven Chu (you know the guy who wants $10 dollar gas).

Her bio on her company's website states: "she guided deployment of $11 billion in stimulus funds for clean energy."

Another top executive at Serious Energy is married to a former Energy Department official who was in charge of billions of dollars of stimulus handouts herself.

She's now working on green projects.... for George Soros.

So what we've got here is a mix of crony capitalism combined with virtually unlimited taxpayer cash on demand.

The real lesson of the stimulus is it's time the government and its cronies stopped getting rich off the taxpayer subsidies they helped create.

Obama's Empty Campaign Promises

by Gerri Willis

President Barack Obama delivers remarks on education at the University of Colorado in Denver, October 26, 2011. We all know campaigns are about promising lofty goals to the voters - telling them what they want to hear. And when these people get elected - for whatever reason - many of these promises just don't get carried out.

But apparently President Obama is the exception - at least if you ask him.

Here's what he said at a campaign fundraiser this week:

"I carry around a little checklist, and I think we've got about 60 percent of it done so far. And that's not bad for three years, because I need another five."

Sixty percent! That's a pretty good record! Too bad he's exaggerating his success rate slightly - according to the independent watchdog website: Politifact .com.

Candidate Obama made over 500 promises during the long campaign.

So doing his math that would mean he's kept more than 300 of them. Turns out he's only kept 151! That's less than 30 percent!

He did help some other proposals see the finish line - with a lot of compromise! But even if you include those - his record only goes up to 38 percent!

A lot of his broken or stalled promises come in the areas of the economy and taxes.

Now - not all of these failures are bad news. It just goes to show you when it comes to campaigns - even promises about promises must be taken with a grain of salt.

One of his biggest campaign talking points was increasing taxes on higher-income taxpayers - those making over $200,000 dollars a year.

We can give him points for effort here, but time and time again this promise goes nowhere because too many people know it would do more harm than good!

Now when he extended the Bush tax cuts - another broken promise - he also failed to include expanding the Child and Dependent Care Credit.

As seniors fought for a cost of living increase - they will get their first one since 2009 next year! Obama's pledge to end income taxes for low-income seniors has fallen off the radar!

When he joined forces with Joe Biden back in 2008, he and his new running mate promised to eliminate penalties for taking money out of your own 401(k) accounts.

That's not happening, and since day one, this president has seemed to have the oil industry in his cross-hairs. While he did manage to put off drilling - don't get me started on that - he failed to enact a windfall tax on their profits - or close loopholes many companies were using to save money on their taxes.

He also promised to restrict lobbying practices at the White House - but K Street plays as big a role as ever these days!

Obama did mention some of his big "accomplishments": ending the war in Iraq, ending ‘Don't Ask, Don't Tell', and of course, there's ObamaCare - the latter of which I'll agree to disagree.

Like I said, many of his promises did not come to fruition because they were and are simply bad policy. Blaming Republicans for your failures is not an answer.


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