D.C. Trip: It's a Wrap!

by Gerri Willis

Spending three days at the Supreme Court covering the Obamacare hearings was a dream assignment for us at The Willis Report. I wanted to show some of the pictures you may have missed earlier in the week and tell you a little bit about the Fox Business team in Washington that made our trip possible.

Rich Edson, Gerri Willis, and Peter Barnes

First and foremost, the reporting team is top notch. Peter Barnes and Rich Edson are smart, dedicated journalists who know Capitol Hill inside and out. I spent a fair amount of time on the steps of the Supreme Court along with hundreds of protestors and many legislators - trying to interpret what was going on inside the hallowed chambers of the court. Everywhere I went, people asked me about our reporters. One long-time legislator told me that Barnes was the only reporter he trusted on the hill and that his rolodex and background knowledge were without comparison. It's people like Peter Barnes that make me proud to work at our network.

Jena Mihalovic, Marty Schnurr, Kevin Burke, Chris DiLella, Gerri Willis, Rich Edson, Christian Galdabini

There were lots of other people who were integral to our effort in D.C. Much thanks to Jena Mihalovic, Bruce Becker, Susan Garraty, Christian Galdabini, Rick Suddeth, Jim Suddeth, Mary Kreinbihl, and everyone else back at the bureau and on the field!

Thanks for making our trip a success!