Obama Campaign Gone Wild

by Gerri Willis

The Obama administration trying to pivot back to the economy today after spending a week talking about social issues.

The campaign has just launched a new wave of attack ads against Mitt Romney. This latest ad says Romney is a job killer. The ad blames Romney for the closing of GST Steel and the loss of 750 jobs.

Here's the real story:

The struggling steel maker was bought by Bain capital in the late 1990’s. Romney approved of the deal at the time.But the factory eventually went through bankruptcy, and closed.

This is a critical narrative for the Obama campaign as it seeks to paint Romney as vulture capitalist - a job killer - not a job creator.

The problem with the ad is Romney had already left Bain capital to go run the Salt Lake City Olympics in early 1999. The bankruptcy and layoffs at GST Steel happened after that in 2000 and 2001.

Even the President's traditional allies in the national news media say the claims Romney was responsible for closing the plant were flat out false. The Washington Post's fact checkers giving the ad three Pinocchios!

On one of the morning shows today, car czar Steve Rattner called the claims "unfair".

But it's not just calling Mitt Romney a job killer - where the Obama campaign stretches the truth - it also does it when claiming the President himself is a job creator.

On Friday we told you about how the Obama administration claims to have helped a man get a job. The only problem is, it looks like the guy wasn't unemployed in the first place!

ABC News first reported the story of Brian Slagle - an auto worker in Ohio – who was scared to death when he lost his job - until President Obama helped him get it back.

Only problem is... Slagle has apparently been employed ... Since 2006!

The Obama campaign dodged questions on the issue and Slagle isn't talking either.

Both of these ads are part of a multi-million dollar TV ad blitz in several key swing states. And we are about to be hit in coming months with all kinds of ads as the campaign continues to heat up.

They should come with a disclaimer: Viewer discretion advised.