Obama's Jobless "Claims"

by Gerri Willis

Everybody's got a complaint when it comes to the Republican field for the Presidential nomination.

Critics say Ron Paul is too soft to lead the country's foreign policy. A turn-the-other-cheek policy in international relations, they say, would devastate our standing in the world.

Others say Rick Santorum is too angry.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich critics say he's too much of a Washington insider to be very convincing as the leader of an insurrection that would remake tax policy and refashion entitlement programs.

Mitt Romney is a gaffe a minute. And, a rich elite that can't relate to the rest of the country.

But what about the other side?

What if we evaluated President Obama as Candidate Obama?

Would he be the best choice to lead his party and this country?

Well, let's see, he doesn't have a record of creating jobs.

Of course, he cheered the latest jobs report saying unemployment rate fell to 8.3% - the lowest of his Presidency.

But he won't tell you over a million Americans fell out of the labor market, and the percent of people in the workforce is now at the lowest point in decades.

The biggest decline on record came under Obama.

He won't tell you around 13 million Americans are officially out of work.

And, almost 2 million fewer people are employed since the President signed his signature economic stimulus law, and declared 2010 to be the "summer of recovery."

When it comes to gaffes, well the President has made a few of them.

Today in Virginia he said the economy is "growing stronger" and the "recovery is speeding up"!

Speeding up? Is he joking?

Last year's economic growth was a paltry 1.7%. That's almost half the rate of the previous year.

Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke just yesterday warned about continued weakness in the economy, and said the outlook for growth is "uncertain" at best.

And the Congressional Budget Office this week said GDP will only do slightly better this year and will slow even more next and unemployment will stay above seven percent through 2015.

As for foreign policy, the President's style is to apologize for being American, and he has weakened America's standing in the world, not strengthened it.

In the years since his famous 'Cairo speech' in the summer of 2009, approval ratings for the U.S. and for the President himself have plunged with some polls giving him an even worse approval rating than President Bush!

Obama has criticized our allies like Israel, and emboldened our enemies like Iran.

So, while Republicans have at least a few decent choices for President, that's a heck of lot better than the Democrats' who have just one awful one.