What the White House Hopes You Won't Notice

by Gerri Willis

For any journalist or news junkie for that matter, the Friday before a long holiday weekend is typically the time that you brace for a big story to break. That's because any public relations executive worth their salary will wait until just that moment when the media has its attention set on vacation to release info they hope you don't notice.Today, no bombshells, but an interesting report. The White House late this afternoon released its 2011 report to Congress - mostly notable for its table of salaries of people working for the president. Plenty of folks are making six figures -- top aides can make $172,000 - looks like no one would pay more taxes under the president's plan - which has $200,000 as a threshold.

Here's the report: http://www.whitehouse.gov//briefing-room/disclosures/annual-records/2011