Obama's jobs advisors cut jobs, don't grow them!

by Gerri Willis

The Obama's solution for every problem: Form a commission! That's what the President did with the jobs problem - he formed a jobs council packed with high-profile CEOs - just the folks who should know a thing or two about expanding payroll. But here's the problem - many of them have been CUTTING jobs in their own companies, not expanding them.

Case in point: the top dog for the jobs council - Jeffrey Immelt. The man tapped to lead the new era of jobs creation in this country runs General Electric, which has cut jobs over the last decade. GE went from employing 313,000 (168,000 in this country) to having only 134,000 American workers. Then, there's Xerox. CEO Ursula Burns has presided over layoffs of 2,500 workers and more are expected. American Express. Dupont. Boeing. Intel. The story is the same over and over. The people leading these companies - the ones that are supposed to advise the president on growing jobs have cut American jobs.

My favorite: Citigroup. During the recession the company laid off an astonishing 50,000 workers! And, oh yeah, it also took $45 bililon in taxpayer dollars!

Seriously, finding a way out of the jobs depression means talking to corporate leaders who know how to grow, expand and compete.