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When Osama bin Laden’s compound was raided, seal team six carried off a treasure trove of documents. Three years later, we're finding out what was in them. They're revealed in evidence in a recent terror trial.


Here's the headline: al Qaeda has been working very, very closely with Iran. During all of that time, America has moved heaven and earth to complete a nuclear deal with the Iranians. And now we find out the people we have been negotiating with, are our mortal enemies Worse, the Iran/al Qaeda co-operation, has been kept under wraps. That suggests, President Obama will do just about anything to get a deal, including, eventually, letting the mullahs get a nuke.


There is another terror threat, that has not even been named by the president: Islamic terror. In a moment, you'll meet the man who wrote the book on ISIS, and who's recent magazine article blew the lid off what this terror group is really all about. Bottom line: our leaders have not acknowledged the full extent of the danger we face.....



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