Stuart's Take


Republicans have taken on a social issue, and they are being politically smart about it. Usually, democrats make all the noise and win the votes, but this time around, republicans have taken the moral high ground, and look likely to win the votes too.


The issue, is the defunding of Planned Parenthood. After the release of gruesome videos, republicans crafted a bill that takes the taxpayer out of planned parenthood's operations. The left jumped on it. An attack on women, they said, denying money for women's health care.


Not so fast! The republican bill does no such thing. It transfers the money for women's health, from Planned Parenthood to hospitals, clinics and other health providers. The money will still be there for women, but it won't be going to the people who specialize in crushing a baby to preserve the selling price of its organs.


So the left is now in a bind. They can't honestly say this is an attack on women. They have to confront their own sense of morality. Yes, I am a realist, and I'm sure there will be a chorus of "war on women". But the political tide is turning. Faced with the inhuman crushing of babies for organ preservation and sale, it will be very difficult for the left to insist you pay for it.


By crafting an intelligent piece of social legislation, the republicans might win this one.