Featured Leaders

  • Dr. Ruth Westheimer

    She’s an orphan, former Israeli army sniper, grandmother and everyone’s favorite sex therapist! Dr. Ruth Westheimer talks about her favorite subject: sex and money. This self-made woman has overcome incredible obstacles, including the holocaust and being blown up during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, to become one of the most respected psychosexual therapists in the world. |  VIDEO INTERVIEW >>

  • Elizabeth Warren

    She's a one woman warrior fighting to save American families from debt. Elizabeth Warren, Chair of the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel, has some harsh words for the Wall Street investment firms and banks that she says scheme to keep people in debt.  |  VIDEO INTERVIEW >>

  • Clay Mathile

    When Clay Mathile first started IAMS it was just a budding pet-food company; today it’s a multibillion-dollar success. Now he’s sharing the keys to becoming a household name. Mathile opened Aileron in Dayton, Ohio with the sole mission to help small business owners take their companies to the next level. He explains why his core belief of: ‘People come first’ is more than just hype.  |  VIDEO INTERVIEW >>