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      SAME SONG AND DANCE: For 40 years, policymakers promised to reform education. But as Andrew Ferguson of the Weekly Standard says, it's like an itch that reformers just can't scratch. New reform brings money, and since the reforms don't work, they create need for more money.

      ROTTEN TO THE CORE?: Common Core is the big education controversy this year. But what does it mean for our kids?

      PORN TO PAY TUITION: College has become absurdly expensive. Duke University student "Belle Knox" became a porn star to pay her $60k tuition. Many are repulsed by what she does, but Knox says, "I'm not relying on any government loans or aid, and I think that's something I can definitely be really proud of."

      E-LEARNING: Thanks to new technology, good things are happening in education. Today you can learn a language just by downloading a free app to your phone called Duolingo. Your kids can master their math skills with the app Splash Math. I suggest the new technology may overwhelm the repression of the government education monopoly.

      MY TAKE: People who love government control don't understand that central planning usually fails, and that competition is the only thing that serves consumers well. It would work for education too if they'd let it. Then more kids would have an experience like charter school kids. All kids deserve that. We should let our children enjoy the benefits of competition

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