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      HOORAY FOR THE EPA: The Environmental Protection Agency created rules that made the environment cleaner. In a rational world, the EPA would now say stick a fork in it, it's done. But bureaucracies never say they're done. Done means bureaucrats are out of work.

      GET OFF MY LAWN: The EPA cares very little for what is "private property." They said a farmer in Wyoming violated the Clean Water Act simply because he built a pond on his land. He even had a permit from the state! Why don't they pick on someone their own size?

      CRONY CAPITALISM: Government environment subsidies harm more than they help. For example, every Chevy hybrid costs the government $49,000! That's what, in my consumer reporting days, they called a "scam."

      FRACKING: Getting energy by injecting chemicals into the ground and breaking up rocks is great for America. But the hysterical left is in a panic.

      POLLUTION MYTHS: Reporting about foul skies and the filthy earth makes for great TV. Most Americans believe that pollution is getting worse. But it's not!

      THE FREE MARKET SOLUTION: Terry Anderson of PERC explains that private ownership actually decreases the incentive to pollute. We wash our own cars for example, but we don't wash rental cars. Private companies learned to deal with pollution long before the EPA even existed.

      MY TAKE: Our lives are much better because the EPA forced cities to install sewage treatment, power plants to put scrubbers in smokestacks, and car makers to build cleaner cars. America still needs a few inspectors to enforce the rules we have. But we don't need 16000 environmental regulators constantly trying to control more of our lives.

      EPA should stand for "Enough Protection Already!"

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