• Ferguson


      Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 10PM ET on FNC

      MILITARIZED COPS: Do police really need more military equipment from the national guard?

      RACISM: Columbia professor John McWhorter discusses race and the "relationship between police forces and young black men."

      TECH SOLUTIONS: How do you keep police officers accountable? In Rialto, California, police officers wear cameras that record everything between them and the public. After using these cameras for only a year, police used force 60% less often. Complaints about brutality went down 80%.

      POLICE STATE USA: "Police State USA" author Cheryl K. Chumley says, "the government is unfettered in its desire to control the American people." America has now become "a de facto police state." Stossel pushes back.

      SELF-DEFENSE: Some residents of Ferguson buy firearms to defend themselves against looters and the police.

      MEDIA COVERAGE: Several reporters have been arrested in Ferguson. Everyone in media has covered this story, but how many actually got the facts correct?

      Thursday at 9PM ET on Fox Business Network

      The Police State