• Let Us Experiment


      STUTTERING: I never expected to go on TV since I'm a stutterer. I tried all kinds of therapies that didn't work. Finally I tried an experiment that did work. Actress and model Phire Dawson got help from the same clinic.

      ANXIETY: My nephew, "My Age of Anxiety" author Scott Stossel, is riddled with anxiety. Nothing has fundamentally cured him but after experimenting, he says he's learned that for some people, "certain medications can be incredibly effective."

      BACK PAIN: For years, I suffered crippling back pain. But Dr. John Sarno said, "You don't have a problem...You have a psychological problem." At first I didn't believe him, but in a matter of weeks my pain disappeared.

      OXYTOCIN: I let Dr. Paul Zak give me the hormone oxytocin to see if 10 hits of it will make me happier. It's the same chemical our bodies release when we give people hugs, but does it work nasally? I find out.

      STARTUPS: My son Max Stossel is a living experiment. He says he's "learned more from the work force than in school" and quit his job to experiment in the startup world with entrepreneur friends Radha Agrawal and Alex Banayan.

      MEDICAL RESEARCH: My brother Tom Stossel often works with the "evil" drug companies to help fund his medical research at Harvard. He fights the new regulations that make collaboration with industry more difficult. "I want to get the information. The drug company wants to make money. And guess what? Everybody benefits."

      MY TAKE: Let's remember that America is an experiment. George Washington said that he "didn't expect the Constitution to last twenty years." Let's keep experimenting.

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