• A Real State of the Union (Thursday at 9PM ET on FBN)

      PREVIEW: President Obama gave a preview of what he will talk about at his State of the Union. He said, "Tomorrow night, it's time to restore opportunity for all." Wow, I wish he'd just stop regulating opportunities away.

      ALL-STAR PANEL: I will be joined by a politician who I wish would get to give the State of the Union address... former Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, along with Independent Women's Forum's Hadley Heath and The National Review's Charles Cooke. They will discuss the State of the Union speech through a lens of liberty.

      RIGHT AND LEFT LIBERTARIANS: Deroy Murdock, a nationally syndicated columnist, and Thaddeus Russell, author of A Renegade History of the United States, will discuss the right and the left Libertarian views on the State of the Union.

      KRONIES: President Obama will undoubtedly call for more government programs to fix problems he sees. Often this involves "investments" in things like green energy, which has been a recipe for cronyism. I will talk to John Papola, the producer of the "Kronies" video.

      MY STATE OF THE UNION: I will give the State of the Union speech that I wish President Obama would give. Here is part:

      I cannot imagine what I was thinking entrusting government, which cannot balance its books and routinely loses track of billions of dollars, with even greater power over healthcare than it already possessed. If something as simple as a website for Obamacare is too much for government to get right, imagine what government will do to complicated medical pricing and insurance plans. It would be better to end government involvement in healthcare altogether and let people shop around for the best free-market plans.

      Crony Capitalism
      State of the Union