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      HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES: Kevin Sorbo, former star of the TV series Hercules, pushes back against celebrities who say they "know how to fix the world." Jason Mattera, author of Hollywood Hypocrites, confronts celebrities like "environmental activist" Harrison Ford (he owns seven airplanes) and Robert Redford (after his Bill Ayers movie). He chases them down with his camera and "ambushes" them because, he says, the liberal media won't confront them.

      CELEBRITY ECOCRITES (my word for Eco-hypocrites): James Hirsen, author of Hollywood Nation, says environmentalism is like a religion to celebrities, and their leader, Al Gore, is one of the biggest hypocrites of all.

      ANTI-CAPITALISTS: Special Correspondent Kennedy points out how celebrities contradict themselves by constantly attacking capitalism, even though the film industry benefits from it.

      ANTI-GUN ACTORS: Former screenwriter, Michael Medved, says that although many actors call for gun control, they sure don't control guns in their own movies.

      REAL OR FAKE?: Sometimes celebrities do things that are so bizarre, that if you didn't see or hear it, you wouldn't believe it was real. I quiz new Fox Business hosts Kennedy, Matt Welch and Kmele Foster. You can play along. Which of these is real?

      - Actor Adrian Grenier has a website promoting an environmentally friendly compostable tennis shoe.

      - Since President Obama's limousine only gets 8 miles per gallon, Ed Begley, Jr. started a petition to get the President to trade in his limo for an electric powered version.

      GOOD NEWS: A few celebrities who have revealed themselves to be libertarians or libertarian/conservatives: Vince Vaughn, Drew Carey, Penn Jillette, and a few others. They give me hope.

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