• ObamaScare (Sunday at 10PM ET on FNC)

      THE PROBLEM: Rep. Michael Burgess, a doctor turned congressman, says America is supposed to be different from Europe. But most discussion about Obamacare starts with the assumption that government, or someone else, should pay for our healthcare. Former Lt. Governor of New York, Betsy McCaughey, shows how that raises costs.

      WEBSITE WOES: John McAfee, the engineer who founded the world's largest security company, McAfee, says incompetent government contractors got the job because they have expertise in government, not software. Canadian journalist Brian Lilley explains why he wasn't surprised when he learned that Canadian-based company, CGI, was behind the website flop. He says they are part of the Obama administration's network of cronies.

      SILVER LINING: Avik Roy, who does healthcare research at the Manhattan Institute, and I discuss why in some ways, Obamacare may accidentally end up being a good thing.

      GET COVERED: Many celebrities are gung ho for Obama and have participated in the #GetCovered campaign. Reason Magazine's Senior Editor Peter Suderman says that celebrities don't realize that they're asking their young fans to sign up to pay for old folks like me.

      SINGAPORE: Singapore spends much less than the U.S. on healthcare, yet people there live longer. Why? William Haseltine, President of ACCESS Health International, says it's because people pay for more services themselves.

      MY TAKE: Most current talk about Obamacare is about the website. It is a mess, but that misses the larger problem with Obamacare-central planning. Central planning rarely works well, and usually brings us crummy products like this car:

      This Halloween, nothing scares me more than big government micromanagement.