• Myths, Lies, and Complete Stupidity (Sunday at 9PM ET on FNC)

      What you think you know... is often wrong. Sunday I look at seven MYTHS... LIES... AND COMPLETE STUPIDITIES:

      FOOD... MYTH: Government should help people make healthy choices for themselves. TRUTH: The nanny state reduces your freedom while accomplishing little.

      MAIL... MYTH: The post office should deliver the mail. TRUTH: The private sector does it better.

      FRACKING... MYTH: Fracking is dangerous. TRUTH: Fracking is dangerous but can easily be safely managed, and fracking has done more to help the environment than all the "green" energy sources combined (it replaces dirtier gasoline and coal.)

      LAWSUITS... MYTH: Lawsuits protect consumers. TRUTH: Lawsuits make valuable products cost more.

      HEALTHCARE... MYTH: Obamacare is good for business. TRUTH: Government intervention kills innovation. Kills jobs too.

      INFRASTRUCTURE... MYTH: Government must build infrastructure. TRUTH: Business builds it better.

      IMPERIAL WASHINGTON... MYTH: Washington D.C. is about serving the public. TRUTH: DC is about empire building.