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      My parents were born in Germany. They couldn't find work in Europe so they came here to pursue the American Dream.

      As a libertarian I say ... let people come! There should be free trade in labor as well as goods and services, that way everyone is freer and richer.

      But it's hard to have open borders when some people want to kill us. It's also foolish now that we are a welfare state, and some people want to come here to freeload.

      Former Colorado congressman, Tom Tancredo, wants to deter illegal immigration by forcing employers to use E-Verify to identify lawbreakers, while added more security to our southern border.

      When Special Correspondent Kennedy went to the border, she found the fence riddled with holes.

      Consumer Electronics Association CEO, Gary Shapiro, says it's not true that skilled immigrants take American jobs... they actually create them. 40% of America's biggest companies were founded by immigrants or their kids.

      That's why Max Marty and Dario Mutabdzija founded Blueseed. By next summer they hope to have a colony of startup company workers living on a ship just off California's coast... just outside the reach of American immigration controls. And outside other American laws.

      Shama Kabani, the Zen Marketing Group founder, is an immigrant success story. Inc. Magazine calls her "one of America's coolest young entrepreneurs."

      Then, a debate on immigration. Dennis Michael Lynch made the documentary "They Come To America 2," which argues that too much immigration harms America. Alex Nowrasteh, the Cato Institute immigration analyst, says the more immigration... the better.

      I say policing illegal immigration would be much easier if we didn't have so many laws, and such restrictive laws.

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