• The Education BLOB Strikes Back (9PM ET on FBN)

      The education BLOB--- that immovable jelly-like ball of teachers' and janitors' unions, the school board bureaucrats, PTAs, etc.---just keeps growing. As the number of students increased 96%, the number of administrative staff has increased 702%.

      The BLOB eats most things that fight it. Ben Chavis founded The American Indian Charter Schools. The schools had very high test scores and they rated as the most challenging in the nation. But last month, the BLOB voted to close the chain, because Chavis broke some of its many rules.

      The BLOB complains that taxpayers don't spend enough on education. But, Neal McCluskey, the Associate Director of CATO's Center for Educational Freedom, points out that we spend more and more--- now, about $14,000 per student---for the same results.

      Wisconsin unions held big protests over Governor Scott Walker's collective bargaining reforms. Walker won, so what's happening in Wisconsin now? Kyle Olson of the Education Action Group explains that taxpayers pay much less, now that they are no longer forced to buy teachers' health insurance policies from a company founded by the union.

      Hollee Saville, a daycare owner in Minnesota, doesn't want to join a union...but now, the BLOB wants to force the state's daycare workers to unionize.

      The BLOB also wants national bureaucrats to decide what your kids learn. Lindsey Burke, Heritage Foundation's education expert, and Kathleen Porter-Magee, of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, debate "Common Core" standards that would require all kids to study the same things and take the same tests.

      Some schools do escape the BLOB's grip...but not enough. 55 million students attend school in America. How many have access to vouchers or tax credits? Just one million. You can barely even see the line on the bar graph. Only 2.3 million go to charter schools. The BLOB is still in control.

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