• The Chosen Ones (9PM ET on FBN)

      "The Chosen Ones" are people selected by government to get perks... special favors, tax breaks, cronyism... what I call crapitalism.

      As government grows and gives out more favors... it creates "A Great Deformation." That's the title of David Stockman's new book. He is upset about bank bailouts. Tim Carney, a reporter for the Washington Examiner, says Boeing, life insurers, and Big Pharma are crony capitalists.

      America's sugar producers declined to come on our show to talk about their special privilege. Sallie James, a trade analyst at the Cato Institute explains how Big Sugar wins, while businesses and consumers lose.

      Government tries to squash innovators like Uber, which offers a Smartphone app that lets you find nearby cars to ride in - but traditional taxi companies don't like the competition. Travis Kalanick, Uber CEO, will explain.

      Debbie Gibbs and Fast Amphibians make these cool amphibious vehicles.

      But government regulations kept you from buying them for years and ban these even cooler vehicles:

      Old manufacturers work with government to create the regulations. The establishment are the "Chosen Ones."

      Congressmen often choose who will be the "Chosen Ones." Sometimes they give special privileges to themselves. Kennedy gives us a look inside the Capitol ‘palace' - filled with custom made furniture, a senate barber shop, and secret gyms.

      Finally, something very different. Glenn Beck claims he is now - a libertarian. Is he?

      Tonight at 9PM ET on Fox Business Network.

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